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Committees of the Board

The Network Homes Board has a number of sub-committees, scrutinising the way we work in key areas to ensure our effectiveness. These are:

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee reviews audit and risk management activities for Network Homes. They deliver an annual assessment of the quality of the internal control environment and the effectiveness of risk and audit systems to the Board.  Its current members are:

  • David Coulter
  • Jaz Saggu
  • John Cross
  • Valerie Vaughan-Dick (Chair)

Customer Services Committee

The Customer Services Committee oversees the strategic direction of our operational services. It ensures that we are complying with statute and regulation, scrutinises our performance, and provides the direct link to our customers by working closely with our Residents’ Panel. The Committee’s current membership comprises:

  • Anne Turner
  • Charmian Boyd (Chair)
  • Jacqui Coleman
  • Peter Fiddeman

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee ensures that our investment decisions, for example for major new developments and asset management, are fully scrutinised, providing advice and assurance to the Board.

  • Alan Hall
  • Charmian Boyd
  • Jon Gooding (Chair)
  • Trevor Morley

People, Governance and Culture Committee

The People, Governance and Culture Committee has responsibility for overseeing the our remuneration policies for paid staff and for non-executive members of the Board, as well as leading on governance, employment and cultural issues. Its current membership comprises:

  • Charmian Boyd
  • Trevor Morley (Chair)
  • Valerie Vaughan-Dick

Network Treasury Services Ltd

Network Treasury Services is responsible for overseeing the Network Homes' treasury activities, ensuring we are managing our Treasury Policy, Annual Treasury Strategy and funding arrangements effectively. Its current membership comprises:

  • Anne Turner (Chair)
  • Philip Williams
  • Sean West