Committees of the Board

The Network Homes Board has a number of sub-committees, scrutinising the way we work in key areas to ensure our effectiveness. These are:

The Audit and Risk Committee reviews audit and risk management activities for Network Homes. They deliver an annual assessment of the quality of the internal control environment and the effectiveness of risk and audit systems to the Board.

Its current members are:

  • Barbara Brownlee
  • David Coulter
  • Charlene Jones
  • Sean West
  • Valerie Vaughan-Dick (Chair).

The Customer Services Committee oversees the strategic direction of our operational services. It ensures that we are complying with statute and regulation, scrutinises our performance, and provides the direct link to our customers by working closely with our Residents’ Panel.

The Committee’s current membership comprises:

  • Dee Alapafuja
  • Berndette Conroy
  • Helen Evans
  • Francis Haydon
  • Alan Hall (Chair)
  • Amina Graham
  • Phil Lyon

The Finance Committee's main responsibility is to oversee Network's financial performance and financial capacity by providing a detailed review of the financial performance and activities of all entities.

This includes reviewing and considering the Business Plan, budget and management accounts and advising and providing assurance to the Network Homes Board on all matters of commercial and financial viability.

The Committee’s current membership comprises:

  • Bernadette Conroy
  • Helen Evans
  • Anne Turner (Chair)
  • Jaz Saggu
  • Sean West.

The Investment Committee ensures that our investment decisions, for example for major new developments and asset management, are fully scrutinised, providing advice and assurance to the Board.

The Committee’s current membership comprises:

  • Adeoye Adebayo
  • Barbara Brownless
  • Bernadette Conroy
  • Helen Evans
  • Jon Gooding (Chair).

The People, Governance and Culture Committee has responsibility for overseeing the our remuneration policies for paid staff and for non-executive members of the Board, as well as leading on governance, employment and cultural issues.

Its current membership comprises:

  • Shauna Hutchinson
  • Ronen Journo
  • Rachel King
  • Paul Plummer (Chair)
  • Jaz Saggu
Audit and Risk Committee
Customer Services Committee
Finance Committee
Investment Committee
People, Governance and Culture Committee