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Our Leadership Team

  • image for Helen Evans

    Helen Evans

    Chief Executive of Network Homes

    Helen became Network's Chief Executive in September 2011.

    Helen joined Network in 2010 as Director of London Operations. Between 2019 and 2021 she was Chair of the G15 group of leading housing associations.

  • image for Gerry Doherty

    Gerry Doherty

    Executive Director of Customer Services

    Gerry joined Network Homes in March 2014.

    He has over 20 years’ housing experience, including acting as Interim Chief Executive for Brent Housing Partnership for three years.

  • image for David Gooch

    David Gooch

    Executive Director of Development

    David became Network's Executive Director of Development in 2018.

    David joined Network Homes in 2014 as Commercial Director.

  • image for Peter Benz

    Peter Benz

    Executive Director of Finance

    Peter became Network's Executive Director of Finance in 2019.

    Peter has 16 years of senior finance experience in housing, advertising and retail, both public and private. He has a strong, diverse approach to analysis, financial planning and value addition.

  • image for Jamie Ratcliff

    Jamie Ratcliff

    Executive Director of People and Partnerships

    Jamie became Executive Director of People and Partnerships in 2021.

    Jamie joined Network in April 2019 Executive Director of Business Performance and Partnerships. He is a passionate advocate for social housing and community organising. Jamie has extensive public sector experience at local, national and regional levels.

  • image for Tabitha Kassem

    Tabitha Kassem

    Executive Director of Governance, Technology and Transformation

    Tabitha became Executive Director of Governance, Technology and Transformation in 2021.

    Before joining Network, Tabitha worked as a legal aid lawyer, supporting those most in need to obtain release from custody, support in the community and accommodation. Recognising that a home is the first building block in achieving a safe future, she moved into housing, joining Network Homes in 2016 as Head of Legal Services and Company Secretary. She became Executive Director of Governance in October 2019.

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