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Darryl - Worksmart customer experience

Darryl Handford, a Network Homes resident in Hertford, successfully found his way back into work with the help of the information, advice, and guidance (IAG)  through support he received from our Worksmart programme. 

Darryl contacted us after receiving an IAG leaflet in his tenancy pack. He was keen to get back into work and accessed the service for help with looking for a job.  In his initial consultation with one of the IAG advisers, he discussed the various roles he wanted to apply for and the best methods for job searching. They drafted a personalised action plan tailored around his barriers to employment. Together they went through his CV and considered interview techniques to make sure he was fully prepared for the application process.

The support the Worksmart programme gave to Darryl helped him to secure his first interview.  Although he was unsuccessful it inspired him to explore his options further including becoming self-employed.

Darryl said, “I spoke to Sarah, IAG Adviser, and made the decision to go self-employed. I was inspired by a job I did last year, where I really enjoyed working outdoors and gardening, so I decided that was what I wanted to do as my own business. I set up D Hand-Scapes – Garden and Home Maintenance”.

The IAG Adviser was also able to get £200 in funding for Darryl which he spent on tools to help kick-start his business. She also secured a further £100 in hardware store vouchers.  As a result, Darryl can now offer a wide range of services for garden and home maintenance.

The scheme works well and I think more people should use it. It makes it easy to get a job or find what you want to do.



If you’re interested in access to our latest employment and training opportunities please contact our Worksmart team on 0300 373 3000 or email worksmart@networkhomes.org.uk.

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