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Focus Groups

Focus Groups are small meetings with around 15 participants, who are invited to discuss a particular topic or issue such as anti-social behaviour.

The feedback received is used to develop ideas and improve services.

Meetings are usually one-off sessions and usually last between one and three hours.

What happens in a Focus Group?

Focus Groups are a way for our residents to share thoughts and feelings about the topic being discussed.

Focus Groups are a place where:

  • our residents can take part in an open and friendly discussion and share thoughts on the topic being discussed
  • a range of topics can be covered which may affect all our residents such as repairs, Customer Service, Complaints or welfare support
  • a range of topics can be covered which may affect a specific group of our residents such as our services for young residents, older residents or residents with mobility issues
  • our residents who cannot give the time commitment for other community roles can still help us to improve our services.

Who can be in a Focus Group?

All Network Homes residents can attend a Focus Group. We seek feedback and opinion from people who have experience or knowledge of the area being discussed.

How to get involved

If you are interested in becoming a member of a Focus Group, please fill out our contact us form.