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Residents' Associations

A Residents’ Association is a local group of people living in an area, block or street who represent the interests of everyone living in that area.

The Association holds regular meetings where people are able to discuss local issues. Meetings are an opportunity to pass on information, make decisions and find resolutions.

The role of the Residents’ Association is:

  • To have a say on the services provided by Network Homes e.g. cleaning and repairs
  • Develop the environment and community e.g. apply for funding for safe play areas
  • Lobby the council for local provisions e.g. recycling facilities
  • Offer a voice and help to build a closer community
  • Arrange outings and social events for the community

Who can join a Residents’ Association?

Residents’ Associations can be joined by all local residents who have a passion to improve the local neighbourhood. Most members will spend approximately four hours every three months on Association activities.

There are a variety of Executive Committee roles available in a Residents’ Association including Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Support from Network Homes

There are a variety of ways we will support you in setting up and running a Residents’ Association. These include:

  • Help with engagement e.g. door knocking, sending letters, attending initial meetings
  • Training courses e.g. Executive Committee skills, tackling community issues, teamwork
  • For associations in London, we offer funding e.g. seed funding of £250 to help set up the association, membership funding of £2 per member for the number of members in the association
  • Finding venues – you may also be able to use Network Homes community spaces
  • Printing minutes or leaflets

How to get involved

If your local area has a Residents’ Association then it may be advertised on local notice boards. If you are unsure how to contact your Association, contact your Neighbourhood Officer for assistance.

Your local area may not have a Residents’ Association. If this is the case then we will support you in setting one up.

For more information on setting up a Residents’ Association or for support for an existing association, please fill out our contact us form.

Download the guide setting up a residents association