Evie - Learning and Development Apprentice

Evie Costick joined Network Homes as a Learning and Development Apprentice in October 2019.

What is your role at Network Homes?

I’m the Learning and Development Apprentice. My main role is to assist the Learning and Organisational Development team in training and cultural initiatives as well as supporting the Wellbeing programme.

What are you currently working on?

I'm working in the Learning and Organisational Development team. I'm working on our wellbeing calendar and researching and planning events for staff members, starting with the launch of the Stairs Challenge. This is where employees are encouraged to use the stairs rather than the lift, in an attempt to bring physical wellbeing into their lives.

What challenges have you faced whilst working here?

One of the challenges is ensuring that all staff in the different locations are aware of perks available to them. I have been working on a solution by advertising Perk of the Week blogs on our intranet every Friday to excite staff and keep them up to date. Another challenge I've faced is transitioning from A – Levels to a work setting as it is an entirely different environment in terms of workload and responsibility.

What have you enjoyed most so far during your time here?

I've enjoyed being part of the Learning and Development Team and enjoyed the tasks I have been given. I also enjoyed our charity walk from Wembley to Whitechapel in November last year. It’s great to network with other members of staff I don’t get to see on a daily basis, especially those that work in the Hertford office.