Tabitha Kassem, Executive Director of Governance

What do you do at Network Homes?

I'm the Executive Director of Governance and my role is varied, covering all aspects of legal services in housing as well as regulation requirements, equality and diversity and data protection.

What do you enjoy most about working at Network Homes?

The best thing about working at Network Homes is the people as well as the opportunities to make a difference and bring about change for the better.  Network Homes is simply the nicest place that I’ve worked. Everyone truly believes in the HART values, appreciating the little things that individuals need and deserve to make working here better. It is the first employer who has asked me to ‘be myself’ and when I have been, celebrated my individuality. We spend most of our week with our colleagues and Network Homes really values the importance of staff being happy.

What makes Network Homes a great organisation to you?

Network Homes invests in its staff. Whether it’s through becoming a Gober Guru, HART Champion, Sizzle Ambassador or an Equality & Diversity Engagement Group Member, there are huge opportunities to develop your skills and improve your knowledge of different parts of the business. Network Homes also supports you so that you’re able to build and deliver on your work objectives. There are significant in-house training opportunities, such as project management and advocacy training, but also opportunities externally to shadow or mentor others, and develop areas of interest.

How has working at Network Homes helped you develop your career?

Since being at Network Homes, I’ve had management training allowing me to better understand the needs and responsibilities I have as a manager, but also enabling me to coach my team so that they develop individually. I have also been lucky enough to benefit from the Roffey Park Strategic Leadership course. This course has provided me with a clear sense of purpose, vision and direction, enabling me to inspire and engage my team to follow me into new projects and opportunities. It has also empowered me to identify ways in which I can have support in achieving Network Homes’ success.

What’s the one thing you would like applicants to know about working here?

Network Homes provides the opportunity of a lifetime. Working here, you’re personally contributing to a charitable cause and supporting the provision of social housing to those in need as well as directly supporting the people who live in them.  You’re also in an environment where you are supported, developed and enabled to reach your potential.