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Consultation: Tell us what you think about our draft Service Charter

We've developed a draft Service Charter in consultation with staff and our Resident Panels and would like to get your feedback on it.  We’ll use feedback received by 12 July 2019 to ensure we’ve created a Service Charter that is clear, covers services relevant to residents and is easy to understand.

Why do we need a Service Charter?

We created the draft Service Charter so residents know the service standards they can expect from us.  It covers our duties as a landlord and also sets out the limits of our duties, for example services we’re unable to offer as they may affect the delivery of our main services to residents.

As part of the consultation process, we want to give you the opportunity to tell us what you think about it before we make it the final, published document.  We’ll use your feedback to see if we’ve covered everything you think needs to be included and make amendments where necessary. 

How do I take part in the Service Charter consultation?

You can download and read the draft Service Charter below.  Once you’ve read the draft Charter you can complete the online feedback survey using the ‘Service Charter Feedback’ button below. You have until Friday 12 July 2019 to complete the feedback survey.

If you have any questions about the draft Service Charter, please contact our Resident Engagement Team on 0300 373 3000 or at

Download the Draft Service Charter

Service Charter feedback