Our principles during the crisis

We've developed a set of principles of how we'll support our residents, staff, organisation and the wider sector and economy during the crisis.



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Residents - We will:
> Test and maintain all essential building safety systems.
> Maintain and repair essential services including power, water, heat and lifts.
> Maintain safety processes for buildings with fire safety defects including waking watch.
> Keep buildings secure, collect rubbish and provide additional cleaning when needed.
> Provide an emergency repair service including to households affected by coronavirus, using government guidance to keep people safe.
> Work with care providers to protect our residents in our sheltered and extra care facilities.
> Continue gas servicing with safe working methods for as long as government guidance allows us to.
> Ensure that residents can contact us and request services and advice on financial matters.

Staff - We will:
> Enable those staff who can work from home to do so, while ensuring essential coverage elsewhere.
> Minimise required attendance for on-site staff and arrange alternative duties for those with underlying conditions.
> Provide appropriate protective clothing and equipment for on-site staff.

We will:
> Manage income and spending to ensure compliance with banking covenants at all times.
> Bring in new ways of monitoring financial metrics.
> Pause new investment until June and remain ready to resume our ambitious development strategy as soon as we can.
> Scrutinise all discretionary expenditure, maintain a strong focus on value-for-money and delay non-priority spending until later in the year.
> Focus on rent and service charge collection in line with our usual compassionate processes, and create additional capacity for these activities while observing the government freeze on evictions.
> Ensure residents can access advice and support on rent and service charges, and we will be flexible and supportive throughout the crisis.
> Keep all aspects of financial operations under daily review in order to adapt to the situation as it develops.
> Ensure that sufficient borrowing facilities are in place to comply with the organisation’s liquidity horizon.
> Regularly update our business plan and approach to stress testing to reflect ongoing changes in the national operating environment.

We will:
> Keep teams together whose work is disrupted by the emergency, so that we can return to full productivity as soon as government guidance allows.
> Flex the operating margin (within the banking requirements set out above) to ensure that we can maintain people in employment for as long as possible and we will do our utmost to avoid any compulsory redundancies during the emergency.
> Redeploy people who are unable to carry out their usual role into other beneficial duties.
> Consider the use the government furlough scheme only if the situation lasts past the end of June.
> Support local and central government with resources if we can.
> Communicate with every one of our people every day.
> Support and collaborate with SW9, working with the SW9 Board and staff to pursue these principles and commitments.
> Utilise new business information systems to assess the impact of the crisis on productivity.

We will:
> Operate within government guidelines at all times.
> Communicate proactively with government, the GLA, Local Authorities and their emergency groups, Homes England, the NHF, other regional bodies and the G15.
> Support our communities, whether directly through services we provide or indirectly by supporting local authorities.
> Try to respond to calls for assistance from the NHS or government for accommodation or premises.
> Restart work on stalled sites as soon as possible.
> Be ready to return to full operation as soon as permitted and ensure that we use our resources to support the wider economic recovery as permitted within our charitable objects.

Maintain essential health and safety for staff and residents
Maintain the financial strength of the business
Protect the future of our organisation and staff
Contribute to the sector, our local area and the economic recovery of the country
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