IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our Facebook accounts for Network Homes and Network Homes sales have been compromised. We’re doing everything we can to liaise with Facebook and resolve this issue. Until then, please do not use our Facebook accounts to contact us and ignore any messages or post you may have received from our Facebook accounts from 11am, Thursday 28 September. 

Opt in service form

There are times when we would like to provide services and activities to residents that are not part of the services we have to provide as a landlord. This includes events, training and employment opportunities, wellbeing advice, competitions and more. We want to do this for the benefit of residents. The General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR) would consider this to be "marketing" because these services are not part of our core function as an organisation. This means we are unable to share them with you without your consent to receive them from us. If you would like us to share these activities and services with you, we will need your consent. 

We also regularly receive information from our partners, such as local authorities and local organisations, about activities and services that we think would be useful to residents. We will also need your consent to share this information with you.

You can provide us with your consent by completing our Opt in services consent form. You will be able to specify if you would like to receive information about services and activities we provide, that third party organisations provide or both. 

Opt in services consent form

Safe Space

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