CORE Privacy Notice

As a social housing provider, we are required by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) to submit data on social lettings as part of the national monitoring requirements for allocation of social housing.  It is a national information source that records information on the characteristics of both private registered providers and local authority new social housing tenants and the homes they rent.

CORE stands for Continuous Recording of Social Housing in Lettings and Sales (England). 

This data is only provided to central government in a highly pseudonymised form. The data is submitted through a website and only accessible by individual logins and passwords. The CORE dataset includes information on the letting or sale, type of tenancy or sale, rents and charges and demographic information about the tenant. The dataset in CORE does not contain direct personal identifiers but when taken as a whole the data allows social tenants to be identified. This is because the dataset may contain unique property reference numbers or even full postcode data. The dataset also contains information which is very sensitive and may be related to such information as whether the social housing tenant has been in prison or probation or referred by a mental health institution.

The data is protected by standards aligned with Government Security Standards. The legal basis for sharing this data is for the purpose of research and analytical purposes. And the MHCLG process this data for the purpose of carrying out a task in the public interest. For more information or if you have any queries on CORE please contact or see their website.

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