Our Contact Centre will be closed for training on Friday 12 August. If you have an emergency repair to report on Friday, our out of hours service will be available to help you so please call on 0300 373 3000. We will be back open as usual at 8am on Monday 15 August.

Estate inspections

We hold regular estate inspections with residents, the police and local councillors.  It's your opportunity to suggest areas for improvement on your estate. 

The estate inspection is led by your local neighbourhood officer or estate officer.  As part of the inspection, you'll be involved in checking the condition of your estate, buildings and communal areas, and reporting any maintenance repairs required.

Estate inspection schedule and changes for 2022

We restarted our estate inspections in 2021 but we've had to make a few adjustments to it following government guidelines for coronavirus (Covid-19). Until further notice, we're not able to invite residents to join us for the inspections but if you have any issues you would like to highlight, please use our online contact us form or call us on 0300 373 3000.

We're working on our estate inspections for the rest of the year and publish them once we've confirmed the dates.

Safe Space

Together we can end domestic abuse