Our Contact Centre will be closed for training on Friday 12 August. If you have an emergency repair to report on Friday, our out of hours service will be available to help you so please call on 0300 373 3000. We will be back open as usual at 8am on Monday 15 August.

Invitation to Repairs Sprint Group

Hi there, I sent an email last Friday to invite you to take part in a Sprint Scrutiny Project. In case you haven't seen it yet, the message is below. Would be great to have you involved to share insight as to how the service is managed and hear your recommendations to benefit all residents.

Email Shauna at Get-involved@networkhomes.org.uk by 21 April 8pm to take part.

"During the Big Conversation survey, you let us know you’d be interested in reviewing our services with the Continuous Improvement Panel.

We have a project coming up starting on 26 April 2021 PM, to review the day to day repairs service for London contractor Wates. We’ve promoted the project for some time but not had much take up and need at least 6 people to take part.

50% of the calls we receive relate to repairs queries and we have a number of mechanisms in place to monitor our contracts more widely so as the people who experience the services I hope you’re willing to share your insight and recommendations during the session.


Sprint Groups are to be completed over 2 short online sessions with the managers of the repairs service. Ideally we’d like to hold the second session 2 weeks after 26 April.


The first session will be about scoping the project – where you’ll be able,  but not be limited, to:

  • identify what you need to review the mechanisms in place
  • ask the questions to further understand the concept of contract management of the repairs services
  • let us know what, or who’d you’d like us to bring to the following sessions


We ask for all participants to be objective during the review. You may call on personal experience to add context to your questions but demonstrate how your experience may impact the wider resident base, of which you are the informed voice of, to be able to make recommendations.


The scoping is open to you to decide and an inquiry guide has been created to support you with this which will be sent upon you signing up. From our side it would be great if we could get your views on things like:

  • should we/ how to make our contract management processes more transparent to residents
  • resident expectation of what our contract management entails
  • impact on residents etc
  • what are the repeat challenges with the repairs service
  • what are your recommendations to benefit all residents


If you’d like to attend on 26 April 2021 PM please contact Shauna via get-involved@networkhomes.org.uk by 21 April."

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