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Result of recent energy assessment of your home

As you will know, we recently completed an energy assessment on your home. The assessment aimed to help us better understand how well your insulation and heat systems are working and how well draughts are controlled. This assessment identified that your home has an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating between band D and band G. This means that it is performing below our desired energy efficiency standards and so we’d like to improve how it keeps heat in during colder months. We’ll be making improvements to your home so that it keeps you warmer during winter by using less energy to heat up. You can find out the specific EPC band that your home was graded, along with more detail on EPCs, by searching for your postcode on the government website:

What happens next?

Your home has been selected for upgrades which will make it easier to heat up and stay warm when it’s cold outside. This improvement work will reduce draughts and heat loss in your home and potentially save you money on energy bills. The work will also improve your home’s environmental performance as it will reduce carbon emissions. By making these upgrades to your home, we aim to give you a more comfortable and environmentally friendly place to live.

We will contact you at a later date to discuss the specific work that will be carried out and provide you with more information on the timeline of when this will take place.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, contact our Sustainability Team by emailing or by calling 0300 373 3000.

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