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Sheltered housing

Our sheltered schemes provide one and two bedroom flats, and studios. All schemes have onsite managers either full time or part time and a 24 hour emergency alarm response service. These schemes enable you to live independently and offer social and recreational activities.

Is sheltered housing for you?

To apply for sheltered housing you must be:

  • Over 60 or 55 with a disability or support need (London)
  • Disabled with a support need or over 55 (Hertfordshire only)

Our sheltered housing schemes

We own and manage sheltered housing for rent in the following London Boroughs:

  • City of Westminster, where we offer a housing support plan
  • London Borough of Barnet
  • London Borough of Brent
  • London Borough of Haringey, where we offer a housing support plan
  • London Borough of Harrow

We also own and manage sheltered housing for rent in Hertfordshire. 

Our sheltered housing schemes provide extensive communal areas including lounges, kitchens, and laundries. We also provide ground maintenance and communal cleaning services to help ensure these areas are maintained to a high standard. A community alarm is always available to residents so assistance is always at hand.

Our sheltered schemes

How to apply

Our sheltered housing schemes are allocated via referrals from local authority Housing Departments, through several approved agencies or through an internal transfer.

Local Authority

To apply for sheltered housing, contact the local council’s housing department and ask about sheltered housing. Schemes are available in these areas:

  • City of Westminster – Westminster City Council refer to sheltered housing as Community Supportive Housing. Usually only applicants who have lived in Westminster continually for three years will be housed. Apply to Westminster City Council’s Choice Based Lettings scheme via the council’s Home Connections website. Applicants bid on a weekly basis and the Council will respond to our request for nominations within five working days. You can call Westminster City Council on 0207 641 6000 or visit their website.
  • London Borough of Barnet – Apply to Barnet Council who operate their property pool and assisted choice lettings system. We request nominations from Barnet Council and receive them within eight working days. You can call Barnet Council’s Homeseekers Advice Line on 0208 359 4797 or visit the Homeseekers website.
  • London Borough of Brent – Apply to Locata, a Choice Based Lettings scheme where you can bid for properties weekly. We will then be sent a list of nominees when bidding closes. You can call Brent Council on 0208 937 2000 or visit the Locata website.
  • London Borough of Haringey – Apply to Haringey Council who will assess your application and once approved you will be added to their waiting list. We request nominations from Haringey Council and receive them within five working days. You can call Haringey Council on 0208 489 2367 or visit their website.
  • London Borough of Harrow – Apply to Locata, a Choice Based Lettings scheme where you can bid for properties weekly. We will then be sent a list of nominees when bidding closes. You can call Harrow Council on 0208 424 1093 or visit the Locata website.
  • East Hertfordshire- East Herts Council on 01279 655261 or email or visit East Herts Council's website. Note:  you will need to have under £300,000 equity to be eligible

Approved agencies (London only)

Our approved referral agencies will make a referral to us using the referral form. Please contact an agency directly to discuss your housing situation, and if appropriate they will make a referral.

Download referral agencies 

Download our referral form

The form must be submitted to the agency with copies of the following supported documents where applicable:

  • Proof of identification
  • Proof of current address
  • Proof of medical conditions
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of current tenancy
  • Evidence of eviction notice served if applicable
  • Supporting statement

Internal transfer

You can apply to transfer from one of our schemes to another if:

  • You have honoured your current tenancy for a minimum of 12 months
  • You are not in rent arrears

You cannot apply to transfer to an Extra Care scheme; you must be referred by Brent Adult Social Services

Ask your Scheme Manager for a Transfer Request form, which they will then send to us. Our housing is allocated on basis of need, so the more information you provide to support your move the better.

Our sheltered housing is not part of a mutual exchange scheme and we do not transfer residents to properties other than our own.