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Sahara - Worksmart customer experience

Network Homes resident Sahara Sahad is celebrating getting her first job in over 8 years, thanks to the help of Worksmart. 

In 2017, Sahara contacted us to see if there were any volunteering opportunities within the business. The Worksmart team spoke with Sahara, organising some sessions for her to get employment and training support.

During her appointment Sahara decided that she wanted to refresh her skills, as she had been out of work for 8 years looking after her children. She wanted to improve her confidence, work in an office role and be familiar with current systems, so felt voluntary work would help her get back into full time employment.

Work experience in our teams

In March 2017 Sahara started her first volunteering placement within our Community Engagement Team. The placement was flexible and worked around her current commitments with her children.   
Sahara was eager to expand her knowledge so after a few months moved on to our Private Rented Operations (PRO) team.

Sahara worked in an Administrative role and supported customers in finding their next home. Sahara really enjoyed the variety of working and learning more about how the private rented team operated within Network Homes. Sahara stayed in the PRO team for over six months as she was learning so much about housing!

Expanding her skills

While working in PRO, a temporary role became available for a Lettings Coordinator and Sahara decided to apply for the role.

During Sahara’s work experience, she had continued to meet with Worksmart to update her CV and create tailored cover letters. And now Sahara received support from the Worksmart team again to prepare for the interview. This included a mock interview session to make her feel more confident.

Getting that job!

Sahara was successful in her application for the role and started in December 2017. She is able to balance her work and personal life, and her children are really happy she is able to work again.

Sahara said: “I would like to thank the Worksmart team who have constantly supported me in my journey over the last year. I hope that I am able to get a permanent role at Network Homes and would love to further my career in this field!”

Sahara’s new manager Shannice James-Mcfee said: “Sahara’s eagerness to learn and develop her skills was evident from the beginning and she quickly progressed from undertaking administrative duties to supporting customers in finding new homes. Sahara has worked extremely hard to get her new job and is now regarded as an integral member of the Lettings Team.”


If you would like support into employment or training, why not get in touch with our Worksmart team on 0300 373 3000 or email Worksmart@networkhomes.org.uk