Local Panels

Local Panels are part of Network Homes Governance Structure and are made up of our residents who work with us to improve services, hold us to account and make sure performance is high. Local Panels help to make sure the local voice is heard at a higher level.

We have three Local Panels in Hertfordshire and Outer London, London (North and West) and SW9 Community Housing.

Who is on the Local Panels?

The Local Panel is made of:

  • Up to 12 members, either residents or independents, which may include up to two Ward Councillors. Members meet quarterly and attend an induction and training programme
  • Local Panel members are appointed for a term of three years with a maximum overall term of nine years
  • The Local Panel will elect their own Chair and Vice-Chair every two years and will elect two representatives to the Group Panel

What does the panel do?

The role of the Local Panel is to:

  • Make decisions on local issues and resolve them at a local level
  • Make recommendations to the Group Panel for group wide scrutiny
  • Monitor local service delivery and performance, and make sure Network Homes complies with consumer standards
  • Monitor issues which affect residents' ability to sustain their tenancies such as welfare reform or employment provision
  • Set local priorities
  • Hold service providers accountable
  • Improve budget responsibility
  • Decide on corporate social responsibility projects and spending within overall funding limit

Panel members for Hertfordshire and Outer London

Your panel members are:

  • Cedric Carter
  • David Thomson
  • Donald Elliott
  • Helen Barnard
  • Julia Jennings-Hatt
  • Leon Ajao
  • Linda Laver
  • Patricia Moore
  • Rosalie Standley
  • Tony Taylor-Moran

Panel members for London (North and West)

Your panel members are:

  • Abi Sisodia
  • Beverly McKenzie
  • Catherine Joseph
  • Diane Larrington
  • Kathryn Andrews
  • Rhona Thompson
  • Teresa Burrows
  • Veronica Leacock

Panel members for SW9

Panel members for SW9 are:

  • Dee Alapafuja
  • Daniel Garza
  • Kalina Janevska (reserve) 

How to get involved

Recruitment to Local Panels is through a recruitment and selection process and the membership will reflect the resident base of the area. Independent members will be selected by each Local Panel based on the skills needed and priorities of the panel.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions relating to the Local Panels activities, please fill out our contact us form.

For more information about our panels, you can download the terms of reference. 

Download the terms of reference