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Repairs and maintenance

If you are a Network Homes resident or homeowner, you may need to contact us from time to time about repairs or maintenance to your property or the surrounding area.

Our Repairs team are dedicated to providing you with the best possible repairs service.


You can report a repair in your home to us in a number of ways.

Find out how to report a repair

The length of time needed for a repair depends on the type of repair you have.

How long will my repair take? 

As a tenant you have certain repair responsibilities in your home.

Who is responsible for the repair? 

If you are a key worker, you have access to our Handyperson service.

Handyperson service

At Network Homes we expect our contractors to respect our tenants, their homes and to behave professionally and appropriately at all times.

Contractors' code of conduct

Find out what causes damp and condensation in homes, and how to treat and prevent condensation from recurring.

We have a programme of planned and cyclical work for all our properties.

Planned and cyclical work

You may wish to improve your home - before you carry out any work on your home find out what your requirements are as a Network Homes tenant.

Read more about improving your home

In some instances we may be able to support you with aids and adaptations to your home.

Read more about adaptations

You can significantly reduce the risk of fire in your home by carrying out a few simple actions.

Fire Safety

Network Homes provides annual gas safety checks to all our tenants' homes. Find out how to book, reschedule and prepare for your appointment.

Gas Safety

Some properties built before 1999 could contain some form of asbestos. Find out what to do if you think you have asbestos in your home.