Handyperson service for key worker accommodation

Our Handy Person team carries out maintenance and repairs to our key worker properties.

The team carries out the majority of routine repairs and we use contractors for specialist repairs. For example, repairs to heating and hot water or electrical fixtures.

What repairs can I report?

Our Handy Person service will carry out a number of repairs in each bedroom, flat and communal area including:

  • door catches, locks and pull handles
  • plugs and basin chains
  • toilet seats, toilet roll holders, cistern handles and overflows
  • shower curtains
  • curtains
  • shower controls, hoses and handsets
  • dripping taps or overflows
  • taps
  • blockages to waste pipes/toilets/basins and sinks
  • tiling and mastic
  • windows including handles

If you live in a flat with shared facilities, you can also request replacement light bulbs from reception.

You can report ‘handy person repairs’ at reception at Hodgson Court, Northwick Park Village.

Please report all other repairs by phoning us on 0208 373 3000.