Service update - We continue to operate our services during the lockdown. We're following government guidance and advice to ensure your safety so please continue to give our contractors access to attend to repairs and complete safety checks.

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We have a new repairs contractor!

27 October 2016

From Tuesday 1 November Network Homes will be working with a new contractor to carry out resident repairs.

Wates Living Space, is an arm of our building partner Wates Ltd. They will take over the repairs and maintenance of our homes in North, West and South London, from our current contractors, Rydon. Wates are a leading UK building and construction company and a family owned business dating back to 1897.

Over the past few months we have put in a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure that you don’t experience any difficulties when you call to log a repair.

You can still call our customer call centre on 0300 373 3000 or use the self service portal to log your repair. We have also worked hard to improve our services, so that if your repair is not urgent, you can now choose the most convenient time for our repairs person to come to you.

Residents living in East London and Hertford will continue to have their repairs serviced by our existing contractors, MCP. Their processes have also been upgraded to be brought in line with the new way of working that Wates will be using.

To find out more about Wates, visit their website here.


The new contract with Wates starts on Tuesday 1 November at 8am. Rydon will cease to be our repairs contractor at 7:59am, so you should not notice a difference in how you use your service.

The service will remain at the same price. The difference you will notice will be in the improved service.

It will now be simpler to book a time for a repair. We have replaced the prioritisation system that sometimes led to customers waiting up to 28 days for a repairs service to come out to them. With our new contractor you will now be asked whether your repair is an emergency, or if it can be carried out at a later time, to suit you. We have also implemented a quicker system to organise your repair.

The contract we have with our current provider has come to an end and we made the decision not to renew it. Over the last year we have worked through a rigorous, international standard recruitment process to appoint a new contractor that aligned with our values.

No. All the work in preparing the new repairs contract has now been completed. This information is simply to update you of positive changes that you should notice when you contact our repairs service.

We are constantly reviewing our service to ensure we continue to improve, and offer the best possible customer service that we can.

Wates Living Space is a national contractor - there vans will be branded with the Network Homes logo as well as their own. They will also carry identification, stating who they work for.

Yes. You can continue to report repairs either by calling the customer call centre on 0300 373 3000, or online using our online repair form.

When will the change take place?
Will this new service cost more?
What difference will I notice?
Why are you changing your service provider?
Is there anything I need to do?
Will you be making any more changes in the near future?
How will I identify these new providers?
Will I report repairs in the same way?