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Come along to our legal advice clinics!

07 February 2017

We are launching free non-housing related legal advice clinics on the first Tuesday of every month for Network Homes residents.

Our employment advisors and partner organisations will be available during each clinic to provide you with advice and support on accessing employment services.

We will also have independent solicitors available to provide legal advice and support; however you will need to pre-book your appointment to guarantee access to these resources. Appointments with solicitors will be arranged according to demand and availability.

When will the clinics run?

Each clinic will run on the first Tuesday of every month, from 10am-2pm.

The next dates are:

  • 7 March
  • 4 April
  • 2 May
  • 6 June
  • 4 July
  • 1 August

Where will they be held?

Each clinic will be held at our Wembley office.

For more information and to book your appointment please contact the Legal Services Team on 0208 782 4323 or email us using the button below.  

Email the team

Yes, the clinics are completely free to attend.

Legal advice will be provided by external independent solicitors with legal aid contracts who may be able to take on cases if the requisite criteria are met.

Areas of law that can be advised on (subject to an appointment being booked) are: Immigration law, crime, family, community care/accessing social services support, mental health, employment, court of protection, actions against the police, wills/trust/probate, and power of attorney.

You will need to pre-book your appointment with a solicitor if you are seeking legal advice.

Employment advice will be available throughout each clinic and you do not need to pre-book an appointment for this service.

Legal advice appointments are available up to a maximum of one hour.

Employment advisors will be present during each clinic so there is no time limit set for this using this service.

For legal advice appointments, you will need to bring with you two forms of identification (which must include your name address and at least one of which should be a form of photographic identification such as your driving license or passport). If the solicitor confirms that there is a legal case which can be pursued and they can assist with it, then they will be able to formally ‘take the case’ on and your identification will be required. Solicitors with legal aid contracts have been sourced so that if the you are eligible for legal aid then any further legal advice and assistance will be provided free of charge.

Are ​the clinics free to attend?
What examples of non-housing related legal advice will be provided?
Do people have to book in advance or can they just show up to the clinic?
Is there a time limit on how long you have with an advisor?
Will I need any forms of identification?