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Temporary hold on new Direct Debit and payment card requests

18 July 2017

This month we will be making improvements to our allpay system so we can provide you with a more efficient and effective service.  The changes will be made from 17 July to 7 August.  During this time we will be unable to amend existing Direct Debit requirements, set up new Direct Debit orders or issue new or replacement payment cards.

Your rent payments will not be affected during this change including payments made via Direct Debit or with an existing payment card.  If you do not make payments via these methods but would like to so in the future, you will have to wait until after 8 August for us to process this request. Also your rent payments will not be affected by the change if you do not currently pay your rent or service charge by Direct Debit or a payment card.

We still have a range of other ways to pay that you can use to pay your rent or service charge during this time.  Visit our page on ‘How to pay your rent and other charges’ for more detail.

What if I want to cancel or amend my Direct Debit immediately?

If you would like to cancel your Direct Debit with us between 17 July and 7 August, you can still do so through your bank.  We will not be able to cancel the Direct Debit for you until after 8 August.  You will also not be able to amend any of your Direct Debit details until after 8 August.

Can I still use my payment card during and after the change?

If you currently use your payment card to pay your rent you can continue to do so during this time.  From August, we will be issuing new payment cards to residents who pay their rent with a payment card.  Your current payment card will still work for another three months.  After this your current card will no longer work and you will have to use the new one you receive from us.  If you have not received your new payment card by 30 September 2017, please contact us at or on 0300 373 3000.