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Network Homes’ new Intratone access control creates safer communities and increases business efficiencies

12 June 2018

Network Homes is rolling out a new Intratone door entry system across its developments. The cost and time efficient fob system helps to keep residents and communities safer.

Staff at Network Homes can activate and deactivate fobs in-house and in real time removing the need for third parties. Each time a fob is used the data is logged on a remote operating platform, resulting in an overview of any particular gate or secured door’s activity. Being able to deactivate fobs remotely prevents security breeches if people who don’t live in a development get hold of a fob. Also, unusual behaviours which pose potential threats to residents and communities, such as replicated fobs, is reduced. This method makes properties more secure and gives residents peace of mind because crime is reduced.

Not only is the Intratone access system great for resident safety, it also provides efficiencies to the organisation. Reduced time, effort and costs free up Network Homes’ Housing Officers to focus on other resident needs. Unlike the previous system the housing association used to use, the new GSM based software connects to a mobile network which is not reliant on a PC system and can be accessed remotely outside of the office. There’s also no service charge which leads to reduced costs for maintenance and contractors, providing value for money.

Paul Grady, Electrical Contract Manager and Neville Tucker, M&E Project Manager are leading the project. A main objective for their team was to make key management simpler, particularly granting access to contractors. Previously, contractors had to meet residents on-site to issue and programme entry fobs. The new system eliminates the need for this as they can schedule free access times, saving on annual maintenance costs and reducing system failures. Email alerts are sent when there are malfunctions providing Network Homes with full visibility of their portfolio and reducing inconveniences for residents.

Paul Grady commented: “Previously, contractors had to be escorted on-site when issuing fobs. What was an inconvenient system is now much simpler and can be managed remotely. We have increased control over who has access, for how long and to which properties. Residents are happy because they receive their fobs quickly and our staff are happy because it frees up time for them to focus on different tasks.”

Neville Tucker also  said: “With digital evolution we have to keep up with the demands of our residents and their safety. The Intratone system allows us to deactivate a fob immediately if a resident has lost theirs or if someone moves out; we no longer have to go to a third party. The time and costs savings we have encountered have been very impressive.”

The new cloud based entry system also enables residents to see and answer entry calls on their mobile or tablet through an app. The option to just answer calls is available on landline. This removes cabling, mounted handsets and maintenance. The new Intratone entry system has been installed on 12 of the housing association’s developments so far and will be introduced to all new properties and existing sites.



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