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New Community Impact brochure out now

09 January 2018

At Network Homes, building and managing homes is what we do and we take pride in doing it well. But that’s not the whole story. We believe in giving back. We do this by investing in our communities, by contributing to sustainable initiatives, and by adding community value to everything we do.

Our mission is to open up possibilities for as many people as we can by continuing to grow a forward thinking, service-driven and financially strong organisation that builds, sells, rents and manages good homes in thriving communities.

In our new Community Impact brochure we highlight what we do beyond bricks and mortar to improve the lives of our residents and make a positive impact in the neighbourhoods where we work.

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Key achievements this year include:

  • Over 1,200 new homes started and 468 homes completed
  • 34 residents helped into permanent employment
  • 10 new apprenticeships created, plus 13 work experience placements
  • Employment advice and support provided to 122 residents
  • 1,000 homeless families provided with temporary housing in 12 London boroughs
  • 36 young homeless people given homes and support through our Project Vista partnership with New Horizon
  • £1.2m in unclaimed benefits secured for residents
  • 755 residents supported with grants, furniture and food bank vouchers
  • Loft and cavity wall insulation installed in 1,400 homes, saving £166,000 on residents’ fuel bills and eliminating 12,882 tonnes of CO2 emissions
  • £48,000 external funding secured to refurbish two playgrounds
  • £560,000 of social value delivered through social activities in our Herts region
  • £66,000 raised for homelessness charity, St. Mungo’s, by Network Homes
  • 100 staff volunteering to take calls for our Comic Relief call centre

We remain as firmly committed to the communities where we work today as we have throughout our 44 year history. We are also very conscious of the continuing impacts on residents of welfare reform and have solid programmes in place to support people as far as we can to improve their incomes and employment potential.