Service update - We continue to operate our services during the lockdown. We're following government guidance and advice to ensure your safety so please continue to give our contractors access to attend to repairs and complete safety checks.

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Reminder: Keeping you safe by replacing the door to your flat

24 May 2019

We’re committed to working work with residents to ensure our homes are safe and protected from any fire hazards. At the end of March, we told you that we’ll be replacing any entrance doors to flats that aren’t fully compliant with the latest regulations. This is part of a programme which will take 12 months to complete.  Our specialist contractors will contact you within the next twelve months if you live in a flat and your entrance door needs to be replaced.

What will the contractors want to discuss with me?

The contractor will discuss with you all the details about the new fire door, and any special requirements you may have. If you have any special requests like adaptations, we will consider these, but we may ask you to provide an occupational health therapist report to make sure the right adjustments are made.

What if I don’t want my flat entrance door replaced?

It’s important you let our contractors carry out this work to keep you safe from fire. As a last resort we may take legal action if you don’t let us replace your fire door. This is because having a faulty fire door in a converted building or block of flats has wider safety risks to others living in the building.

Network Homes successfully won a legal case, heard at The High Court of Justice. As a landlord we were granted the right to access the property to install new front doors due to fire safety concerns. In this case the resident involved refused to grant entry to the property.

As an organisation we were awarded costs that have exceed over £20,000 and this is recoverable from the resident. Please remember we need to complete these improvement works due to fire safety concerns and to keep you safe.

Need more information?

If you have any question or concerns about our flat door entrance replacement programme, please contact our Fire Safety Team on 0300 373 3000.