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Tenancy Fraud – One year of success at Network

12 December 2019

It’s been a year of success for Network Homes since we launched our tenancy fraud initiative including our key amnesty and reward scheme.

Since December 2018, we’ve recovered 20 properties as a direct result of tenancy fraud with several other cases currently under investigation. The properties recovered can now go to those in most genuine need.

The illegal subletting of Social Housing properties became a criminal offence under the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act 2013 carrying a maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment or a £5,000 fine.

As a housing association we have to make the best use of the homes we own and ensure that the people living there are legally entitled to be there. People who are already in need of social housing and on the waiting, list will have to wait even longer if homes continue to be occupied by people who don’t have the right to live there.

Reward Scheme

As part of our commitment to tackling tenancy fraud we’re offering a reward of £250 to our residents and members of the public through a referral of suspected tenancy fraud which leads to successful recovery of one of our social housing properties. We launched the scheme in May this year and will continue to run it until 27 May 2020.

You can report any suspected fraud in confidence by calling 0208 459 9463 or emailing

More information about tenancy fraud and our reward scheme can be found below:

Tenancy Fraud Section