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Tenancy Fraud Reward Scheme Extended!

22 September 2020

We’ve decided to extend our tenancy fraud reward scheme for another year after great success since we launched our key amnesty and reward scheme initiatives in May 2019.

In the last financial year, we recovered 23 properties as a direct result of tenancy fraud investigations. This means a saving of approximately £575,000 for Network Homes. As a housing association we must make the best use of the homes we own and ensure that the people living there are legally entitled to be there. People who are already in need of social housing and on the waiting list will have to wait even longer if homes continue to be occupied by people who don’t have the right to live there.

Reward scheme

As part of our commitment to tackle tenancy fraud, we’re going to offer a reward of £250 to residents and members of the public through a referral of suspected tenancy fraud which leads to the successful recovery of one of our social housing properties. This scheme will run for another 12 months ending on 31 May 2021. People who have reported cases since May 2020 are eligible for the reward scheme as that’s the month it was officially extended for another year.

Illegal subletting is a criminal offence – with a prison sentence or fine of up to £5,000.

You can report the suspected fraud in confidence by calling us on 020 8459 9463 or email

How does the reward scheme work?

We’ll acknowledge any referral you make to us. We will then investigate the matter and you may be contacted for further information. If someone has committed tenancy fraud, we will take any necessary action including recovering the property.

Due to volume of referrals and while we conduct our investigation, we will not be able to provide you with an update. You will be contacted once it’s completed to confirm if you are eligible for the reward.

Network Homes will pay the sum of £250 through credit to your rent/Network Homes account where the referral has led to the successful recovery of our property. For members of the public, payment will be made in cash. This may involve a court case which can take some time. If we need to go to court, we may ask you to provide evidence we can use usually in the form of a witness statement. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will protect your identity.

Should your referral concern a property that is already subject to a tenancy fraud investigation, it would not qualify as being eligible for the reward scheme.

If you suspect fraud you can report it to us in confidence by calling 0208 459 9463 or email