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Virtual Resident Engagement Events Schedule

31 July 2020

In June we organised a Virtual Pop Up Resident Engagement Event with our Executive Leadership Team on Microsoft Teams and it was a big success with resident. We had the opportunity to hear from you, tell you how we’re dealing with the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and learn more from you about areas we can offer further support!

We’ve since received your feedback and the Resident Engagement team have been working hard to develop a schedule of virtual resident engagement events on Microsoft Teams for the rest of this year. We’ve now launched our finalised virtual events schedule which includes four different types of virtual events for residents to attend including:

  • Residents’ Meetings in London
  • Pop Up Events in Hertford
  • Themed Events Open to All

Since launching a new strategic objective: strengthening residents' trust in us as an organisation we’re working, as part of our pledge and ongoing commitment, to deliver greater transparency, continually improve communications and offer a wide range of opportunities for residents. So, we thought given the current climate, now is the perfect opportunity to officially launch our finalised virtual resident engagement events schedule. Find out how you can get involved and attend below!

We regularly hold residents’ meetings at some of our larger schemes across London and had to put these on hold during lockdown. To ensure residents continue to feel connected to us, we’ve decided to host these meetings virtually on Microsoft Teams.

These meetings will be hosted by our London Neighbourhood Management, Asset Management or Leasehold teams (if the scheme is mixed tenure).

The finalised schedule for these events is below:

Houblon Court​ 

8 September

Curtis Lane 

09 September

Garden Road 

15 September

Vantage Point 

16 September

Cabinet Court 

23 September


30 September

Cipher Court and Code Court

07 October

243 Ealing Road

14 October

Flower’s Close

21 October

Princess Louise 

26 October 


28 October

Weyman, Rectory Park

04 November

Molloy & Hearn, Rectory Park

18 November

Hindon Court

25 November 

Harman, Rectory Park

02 December

Larkspur, Rectory Park

16 December

Blanche & Bundy, Rectory Park

20 January 2021

Rectory Park & Casey Avenue

03 February 2021

Join our Residents Meetings

If you live at one of the schemes where we will be hosting your Residents Meeting on Microsoft Teams, look out for posters in your communal areas about it. If we have a mobile number for you, we'll text you the link with the joining instructions before the meeting.

If you have not seen the poster or received a text with information about it on the morning of the meeting, please contact us for the details on 0300 373 3000 or at

Find out more information about the meetings here: Residents Meetings - Virtual Resident Engagement Events

Earlier this year we ran a series of pop up events during February and March with the intention of running another series during the summer. Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and subsequent lockdown we had to cut the programme short and couldn’t host any of the events planned for Hertford.

We’ve now put together a new schedule of Pop Up Events for Hertford from August to January 2021. We intend to run these in a similar way to the face to face events, so we’ll be using them as a chance to get to know our residents better. If residents have specific queries about their home and tenancy staff from across the organisation will be in attendance including Neighbourhood, Asset Management, Leasehold and Welfare who will be on hand to answer these queries.

The finalised schedule for these events is below:

Tower Road

11 August

The Ridgeway welcome event

09 September


18 November


13 January

Cecil Road


These virtual events will be open to all residents to attend and discuss specific topics with most topics suggested by residents as part of feedback we’ve received.

The events will be run with a live section in Teams led by a member of our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) followed by virtual group discussions in Teams. The table discussions will be facilitated by ELT and Network Homes staff across various teams.

Ahead of each themed event we’ll be asking residents to register in advance to get them assigned to virtual groups and then we can assign facilitators.

The current schedule for these events is below with more events to be confirmed:

Embracing inclusive communities

20 August

How do we give back to your local community?

17 September

Strengthening trust and improving communication

22 October 

We’re currently working with residents in street properties to organise virtual events and further develop ideas before we release a finalised schedule.

We've had feedback from some residents; who live in street properties rather than blocks that there may be more of a disconnect from us, and other residents. We want to support residents to feel more connected to us as staff members and other Network Homes residents in the community.

We organised a virtual event on Wednesday 11 November all about connecting to residents in street properties so we could hear your feedback on how we can support you better and help us stay connected to you. 

Connecting to residents in street properties

Wednesday 11 November
Residents’ Meetings (London)
Pop up events (Hertford)
Themed events
Street properties

Get Involved

All our Virtual Resident Engagement Events will be held on Microsoft Teams and residents will be able to join as attendees. For Pop Up and Themed events we’ll be publishing website articles to help you prepare including the below info:

  • Agendas/relevant material to read beforehand.
  • Slido Link – Gives you the opportunity to submit questions beforehand.
  • Teams Link and event joining instructions.
  • Actions Required – For themed events we’ll be asking residents to register in advance to get you assigned to virtual groups.

To access the live events all attendees are advised to either download the Teams app on desktop, tablets or mobile devices or join via the Teams web version instead.

In preparation of our virtual events checkout a guide on how you can join a Microsoft Teams meeting here: How to Join a Teams meeting