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Get ready for National Scrutiny Week – 27 September to 1 October 2021

22 September 2021

As members of TPAS, we’re delighted to be taking part in National Scrutiny Week (27 September to 1 October) for another year. Residents being involved in reviewing our services helps us make changes based on resident feedback.

Scrutiny in action

Recently, residents on our Continuous Improvement Panel commissioned a scrutiny of the contract management of Wates, as our Day-to-Day repairs contractor in London. Following two sessions in April and May 2021, the residents’ recommendations have been shared with the Continuous Improvement Panel and Customer Services Committee. The Senior Managers will review the recommendations and we will create an action plan to monitor progress of the adopted recommendations. We will publish the report and action plan once complete.

The next topic suggested by residents to scrutinise is the accessibility of services for residents with long term disabilities or chronic illnesses. This scrutiny will be open to people with long term disabilities or chronic illnesses as well as carers of people affected.

Interested and need more information?

If you’re interested in joining our Continuous Improvement Panel but looking for more information about what resident scrutiny really is then check out the events hosted by TPAS during Scrutiny week. They have an interactive week of events from 27 September to 1 October for residents and landlords to celebrate the impact of working in partnership to scrutinise services.

During the week, TPAS will encourage members and the wider sector to showcase scrutiny groups, panel members, chairs, projects and stories. This year they'll be focusing on hot topics that we know scrutiny can have a massive impact upon. They’ll be talking about recruitment, complaints, anti-social behaviour, repairs and more.

Please visit the TPAS’ website to join in at