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Tell us what works best for you in the Resident Choice survey

11 October 2021

At Network Homes, we want to make sure we provide our services in ways that all residents find convenient and easy. You may prefer to access our services online such as through our website, social media channels, your My Network Homes account or email, or you may prefer to interact with us by phone, in person or by letter. Tell us what works best for you so we can improve these services by completing our online Resident Choice survey by 5 November. You’ll also have the option to enter our prize draw where you could win a £100 voucher!

Start the online Resident Choice survey

Why should I take part in this survey?

We know the past 18 months have been tough, with the COVID-19 pandemic having a big impact on you and your family. Many of our personal relationships and access to services moved online during this time. And while this has been great for some, we know it doesn’t work for everyone, and the move to a more virtual world has left many people behind. There are many of you who would like to interact with us digitally and we want to find out more about how you like to use digital platforms, so we can improve our current online services. If you prefer not to interact with us digitally, we’d also like to understand why and if there’s any support we can provide to help with this. By taking part in survey, you’ll help to shape the Network experience you have with us. You’ll also be able to highlight if there’s any support you may need to access our services online or in any other way.

How to take part

We’d really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete the Resident Choice survey using the link below. If you’re the primary resident on your tenancy or lease with us, you’ll also receive a letter with the printed survey in the post. This letter will contain your unique 'person reference' to enter on the survey. You’ll have the option to complete the paper survey and return it to us or complete it online.

Your answers will help us better understand how you would like to interact with us so we can provide the right channels for you.

If you want a chance at winning a £100 voucher, simply enter your contact details on your completed survey and you’ll be entered into a prize draw. The closing date for this survey is 5 November 2021. Any surveys received after this date will not be entered into the prize draw. We will contact the winner during the week of 6 December.

Start the online Resident Choice survey