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13 January 2022

In October 2021, we published our revised Sustainability Strategy which sets out our approach to a more sustainable future and the steps we want to take to get there. We’ll be holding our second online event about our sustainability approach, ‘Continuing the Conversation: Network Homes and Sustainability’, on 27 January at 6.30pm to 7.30pm and invite you to come along and tell us what you think about our planned approach as well as contribute ideas we can implement to achieve it. 

Changes to our sustainability strategy 

In March 2021, we held our first resident engagement virtual event: ‘What does Sustainability mean to you?’ which highlighted the importance of involving residents and incorporating their contributions around sustainability to our strategy. The findings from the 2021 Sustainable Homes Index for Tomorrow (SHIFT) provides an independent assessment of how housing organisations are performing against challenging environmental targets. The report declared that Network Homes has taken strides in our efforts, and we’ve gone from a bronze rating to silver. This is great news, but we know we can do more  

The new strategy places a greater emphasis on engaging with residents, which is now a key pillar in our commitment to sustainability. It acknowledges the crucial role resident engagement can play in informing residents about the ways they can make a difference, as well as empowering them to save both energy and money. 

Why you should take part in the conversation

This event is your opportunity to influence our approach to achieving a more sustainable future. You’ll get to: 

  • Find out about the progress we’ve made on your feedback from the first event ‘What does Sustainability mean to you?’ 
  • Hear more from Environmental Sustainability Group Chair and Executive Director of Finance on the revised Sustainability Strategy and annual SHIFT report.  
  • Provide feedback on how we can continue to improve on sustainability as an organisation.  

How to join the event 

We’ll be holding this event on 27 January at 6.30pm online using Microsoft Teams.  Please complete our registration form by Monday 24 January at 4pm. Once registered, we’ll email you the joining instructions before the event and by Tuesday 25 January on 5pm. 

We host themed events to invite resident views on new ideas or discussion points inviting colleagues outside of customer service teams. For repairs queries please contact customer services or keep an eye out for scheme meetings where you live! 

 Click here to register your place!  

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