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We're out and about checking buildings and street properties

04 November 2021

Residents might spot Network Homes employees and volunteers out and about in their area doing checks on buildings and street properties. 

We’ll be visiting larger blocks/flats as part of our Big Building Check on Friday 12 November and smaller properties (two homes or more) on Friday 19 November to complete our Street Property Check. 

We’re doing this so we can: 

  • Inspect your buildings 
  • Check for any communal repairs that may need to take place 
  • Focus on the standard of cleaning and grounds maintenance as well as communal areas.

On the day of your property check, we may need your help to access to your building. A staff member, who will be wearing ID, may ring your building door entry system (buzzer) and explain that they are from Network Homes and are there to carry out a building check. Please let them into the building so that they can complete the inspection.  

Network Homes employees, Board Members and fellow residents (who take part in our involvement activities) who will be carrying out the checks. If you want to verify that it is in fact someone from Network who wishes to gain access to your building, please contact our Customer Services on 0300 373 3000. 

Your cooperation will ensure that both checks run as smoothly as possible and will be much appreciated.  

We thank you again for your support.  

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