Our Contact Centre will be closed for training on Friday 12 August. If you have an emergency repair to report on Friday, our out of hours service will be available to help you so please call on 0300 373 3000. We will be back open as usual at 8am on Monday 15 August.

Resident Association

We are committed to improving our services. To help us achieve this, we need to know that residents’ expectations are being met and maintained. Increasing communication between residents and Network Homes helps us to understand how residents feel about the services we provide and how we can improve them.Creating or joining a Resident Association is a great way to achieve this and also an opportunity to get to know your community. 

Useful information

Checkout the below documents for some further information!

Guide to setting up and running a Residents Association

Residents Association Constitution

If you're interested in forming a Resident Association, wish to know if there is one in your local area or want to find out more information, please contact us on Get.Involved@networkhomes.org.uk.


Safe Space

Together we can end domestic abuse