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Managing your money

Taking extra steps to manage your money can help you to stay on top of your finances and make the most of your money. Using budgeting tools can help you to identity where your spending your money and where you can make savings. You'll be able to clearly see and manage your income and expenses. 

There are many free, online budgeting tools you can use. The Money Helper website, provided by HM Government and money and Pensions Service, has a free budgeting tool you can use. The Money Helper website also has a lot of information, advice and tips for managing your money, paying bills and saving money.

Go to the Money Helper budget planner

Go to the Money Helper's beginner's guide to managing money

Go to the money Helper website

We've also partnered with Pocket Power who offer a free telephone service for SNG customers to help you save money on a wide range of utility and household bills. They do this by looking for better deals to switch to or looking for any grants or discounts you may be able to apply for. To book in a Pocket Power online or phone call appointment at a time convenient for you, click here.

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