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Properties built before 1999 could contain some form of asbestos material. Those who built after 1999 are unlikely to contain materials or products.

Asbestos is only a problem if it is damaged or disturbed and it is only dangerous when fibres become airborne.

DIY activities such as drilling, sawing, sanding or scrubbing could result in brief, but high, levels of exposure.

Where would I find asbestos?

You might find asbestos in:

  • Eaves, gutters, rainwater pipes
  • Fire blankets
  • Garage and shed roofs
  • Linings for ceilings, wall and doors
  • Insulation panels in some storage heaters
  • Bath panels
  • Boiler or fireplace flues
  • Textured coating/Artex, cement water tanks and toilets cisterns
  • Floor tiles

What should I do before starting DIY?

You should always get permission from us before you start DIY works in your home. Please check your tenancy agreement

What should I do if I think there is asbestos in my home?

If you think you might have asbestos in your home, please contact Customer Services on 0300 373 3000.

Where there is known and/or suspected material, take care not to disturb or damage it. Do not drill holes, saw, sand or scrape the material.

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