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Estate inspections

We hold regular estate inspections that you can attend where you get the opportunity to suggest areas for improvement on your estate. How often we visit is different for each estate depending on their size and the type of services that are on the estate. 

The estate inspection is led by your local neighbourhood officer or estate officer. As part of the inspection, you'll be involved in checking the condition of your estate, buildings and communal areas. You'll also be able to advise on issues related to the upkeep of your estate, such as caretaking, rubbish and fly-tipping, as well as reporting repairs.

In addition to our scheduled estate inspections that you can attend, our Estates Team also regularly visit all of the estates to check if anything needs fixing. They are responsible for the contract management of our cleaning and grounds maintenance contractors, so if would like to discuss the cleaning or grounds maintenance services you receive, please come along to your estate inspection led by your Estate Officer to do so. 

Benefits of attending an estate inspection

  • You can discuss any issues and concerns with your Neighbourhood / Estate officer.
  • You will improve the area you live in.
  • You get to meet and work with other neighbours and share ideas on improving your community. 

Estate inspection schedule 

We're working on the schedule and will publish it on this page soon. Please check your notice board, if you have one, for updates about your next estate inspection.

How to take part in an estate inspection

If you're interested in attending an estate inspection, please contact your Neighbourhood Officer or Estate Officer at least one week before the date of the inspection by completing our online estate inspection form on this page. We'll be in touch with further details. Alternatively, you can email the relevant team to register your interest:

Please include Estate Inspection in the email subject heading and your name, contact details, the estate and date of inspection that you would like to attend in the email. You can also call us on 0300 373 3000 and leave your details for us to contact you back.

Estate inspection interest form

By completing the form below you're giving your consent for Network Homes to contact you regarding this matter. Your data will only be used for this purpose and we'll notify you if it's used for any different unrelated purposes. You can withdraw your consent at any time by emailing For more information on consent, please visit our consent page and to learn how we handle your data please see our privacy statement.

Please include the address and date of the inspection as listed on the estate inspection schedule.
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