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    Maria Moriarty

    Head of Resident Engagement and Customer Insight

    "As a team we are passionate about ensuring residents have the chance to have their say about our services and influence the decisions we make that may affect them."

    Maria joined Network Homes in 2006 and has nearly 15 years’ experience in the housing sector. She started off in a Customer Services Officer position before progressing in her career to a Head of Service role. She has managed a variety of teams from Business Support to Income Collection to Housing Services and was appointed to her current role of Head of Resident Engagement and Customer Insight in 2018. Although she enjoyed all her previous roles, she feel this is definitely where she is meant to be. She thinks it’s great to go to work every day and feel that in a small way you are making a difference to someone’s life.

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    Tracy Hanks

    Resident Engagement Officer

    "It’s important we get to have open discussions with residents about the things that really matter to them as it helps us to understand how things are from their side."

    Tracy joined Network Homes in 2014 as a Customer Service Advisor in the Customer Contact Centre. In this role she built good rapports with residents and colleagues. In 2015, Tracy took a secondment managing one of our Older Persons Schemes in Hertford, which was a great experience and led to more face-to-face communication with residents. When she returned to the contact centre early 2016, she was part of a project team working closely with our contractor MCP to streamline repairs services. Always keen to take part in various projects along the way, Tracy has been a member of the Equality & Diversity Engagement Group (EDEG) and has volunteered for residents' projects. Tracy joined the Resident Engagement Team in May 2019, and is really enjoying the new experiences and building relationships with residents.

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    Shauna Hutchinson

    Resident Engagement Officer

    "Hosting online events has helped us connect with residents. My favourite thing I’ve heard from a few residents is: 'Wow, I didn’t know you were doing that, sounds great! How can I be involved too?'”

    Shauna joined Network Homes in January 2014, supporting residents as a Complaints Administrator. she went on to become a Resident Engagement Officer in October 2016. She has 12 years customer service experience and won the 24 Housing Young Leader in 2019 for her views on strengthening trust with residents within the housing sector.

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    Crystal Nicholson

    Resident Engagement Officer

    "I’m pleased we can still connect with residents virtually during the pandemic so we can continue to capture and use the feedback from them on how we can continue to improve and build trust."

    Crystal joined in September 2019 as a Charityworks graduate and supported our repairs teams to deliver their service to residents. She has a background in housing research and is interested in the community experience of regeneration and consultation. These experiences paved the way for her role as a Resident Engagement Officer, which she began in March 2020. They also influenced her strong interest in seeking new and innovative ways to strengthen the residents' voice.

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