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SNG In Bloom gardening competition

We know there are lots of committed, creative and green-fingered customers living in our communities and we appreciate the time and cost involved in garden upkeep. We want to celebrate your home gardening efforts, so we’re launching SNG In Bloom- a competition for all SNG customers and your gardens and green spaces of all shapes, colours and sizes! Applications close Wednesday 31 July 2024 at 5pm.

This is part of our Living Together Programme, a Community Investment initiative that aims to reduce minor anti-social behaviour and bring communities together through a holistic package of support, funding and resources. We are delivering the Living Together Programme through three different strands: #Innovate, #Befriend and our #InBloom gardening competition!

Could your indoor or outdoor garden, green space, or community garden be crowned winners of our 2024 SNG In Bloom competition? Apply today for your chance to win up to £200 in vouchers!

Green and Glam award

This award is all about celebrating bright and vibrant green spaces, especially customers and/or communities who have added colour to their garden or scheme to reduce issues such as fly tipping and waste issues. This award is for individual or shared communal gardens- particularly in communal areas such as alleys, bins, flytipped or overgrowing weeded areas.



Colourful Garden and pHome Garden In Bloom award

This award goes to the SNG whose private garden is the most outstanding in beauty and flourishing greenery. It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is! This award is for individual / private home gardens only.



Thriving Community Garden award

Have you worked as a team to create and maintain your community garden or communal grounds? Customers who look after communal gardens or green spaces within their community can also take part in this competition, as long as you have been given permission to work on that particular green space or communal ground. This award is for communal/shared gardens only.

Small Garden Innovator Award

Awarded to SNG customers who innovatively utilise small inside or outdoor garden spaces like balconies. An opportunity to showcase your blossoming greenery in containers, hanging baskets, house plants or even something a little different!

* Please be aware that any gardening or plant arrangements must meet SNG’s health and safety requirements in order to avoid fire risks, click here to find out more about this. This award is for individual/ private home gardens only.

Sustainable Garden award

Have you created a sustainable and eco-friendly haven in your garden? This category's for you! For those who grow their own food, attract wildlife with bug hotels and bird boxes, and use recycled elements. Let's see your greenest and most sustainable gardens! This award is for shared communal or individual gardens.



The prizes for each award category are:

  • First place: £200 voucher
  • Second place: £100 voucher
  • Third place: £50 voucher

This competition is open to any SNG customer or a group of customers. If you’re entering the competition as a group, you don’t need to be a formally constituted group, we just need one person from the group to lead on the application. You can only make one entry per garden or green space, so if you are involved in maintaining multiple green spaces or shared gardens, you can make multiple entries overall. For example, if you look after your own private garden and a communal allotment in your community, you can apply for both, but must submit separate application forms for each new entry.

If you’re an SNG customer or a SNG resident group, we’d love for you to apply! If you know of an SNG customer or resident group who deserves a prize for their gardening skills, please do encourage them to apply too!


  1. Read our terms and conditions (below)
  2. Pick the category you would like to enter from the list above.
  3. To enter, please complete the application form below. Please do not forget to include your contact details and to double check that every section is filled in correctly.
  4. You will then need to email us photos of your garden (maximum 3 photos), and any other supporting documents so we can consider them alongside your application form.
    Please don’t include any people in your pictures and please put your name as the picture file name (e.g. Joe Bloggs 1, Joe Bloggs 2) so we can easily match them with your form entry.
  5. Submit your application before applications close on 31 July 2024 at 5pm.
  6. We will be in touch with the winners in September/October to arrange sending them their prize vouchers.

Enter the SNG #InBloom competition!

If you would like to take part in the competition but you require a bit of financial support or practical support with upkeeping your garden, we may be able to help.

Please email us at community.development@sng.org.uk for more information or if you have any questions about this competition or your application.

This competition is for SNG residents only. You can only submit one entry per garden or green space, so if you are involved in maintaining multiple green spaces or shared gardens, you can submit multiple entries overall. For example, if you look after your own private garden and a communal allotment in your community, you can apply for both, but please submit separate application forms for each new entry.

By submitting an application and photographs to the SNG In Bloom competition, you agree to the following terms and conditions: 

  1. The photo was taken legally (for example, but not limited to, decency, trespass, invasion of privacy, or in violation of section 58A of the Terrorism Act) 
  2. The photo is your own original work, or you have the expressed permission (preferably in writing) of the photo’s creator. 
  3. If the photo depicts people, it is assumed that they must also have agreed to these terms and conditions. Where the photo includes children or people without capacity to consent, you must be the primary carer or person with responsibility for duty of care or have the expressed permission (preferably in writing) of that person’s caregiver. 
  4. If the photo depicts intellectual property, you must be the owner or have the expressed permission (preferably in writing) from that person. 
  5. You understand and fully grant SNG with the right to store, reproduce or share the photo in any format and on any channel that they see fit without further reference to consent or copyright. 
  6. You understand that SNG’s panel decision on the results of the competition is final.
  7. You understand that you are solely responsible for implementing these terms and conditions and that SNG may undertake no further checks. You understand that if SNG have reason to believe that any of these terms and conditions have not been observed, they can remove your application from the competition and void prizes at any time and without further notice or correspondence. 
  8. These terms do not affect any of your statutory rights. 
SNG In Bloom award categories
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Terms and conditions

If you have any questions about this competition or your application, please email community.development@sng.org.uk or call 0300 373 3000 and ask for the Community Investment team.

Keep an eye on our website, as well as our social media and customer newsletter for the announcement of the lucky competition winners later this year!

Enter the SNG #InBloom competition!

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