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Get involved

On 1 October, Sovereign Housing Association and Network Homes came together as SNG (Sovereign Network Group). As one organisation we can invest more into building more new homes, maintaining existing homes and providing services to customers.

This website still contains all the key information for Network Homes customers or visit our new corporate website to find out more about the new organisation.

Help to make your community a better place to live

We have a varied and inclusive resident engagement programme that all residents can be part of. Tell us what matters to you, inspect our services and get to the very heart of the communities where we work. It’s an opportunity for you to share your ideas and challenge our performance – while learning new skills along the way.

Show us how we can do better, and help us to:

  • offer services that residents need and want
  • work to a high standard, delivering quality services
  • achieve value for money across our organisation
  • enhance the quality of life for people living in your community
  • ensure staff and Board members carry out their work effectively.

Meet the team driving our resident engagement programme

Take a look at our Involvement Brochure here


Why lend a hand?

By joining our network of involved residents you’ll benefit as well. Here’s what you’ll get.

As well as taking part in structured training programmes, you’ll gain a range of other skills just doing the role. Team working, digital skills, communicating with people and writing reports are just a few areas where you’ll get more experience. It’s a good way to improve your CV and future job prospects.

Being part of something that aims to improve the lives of others can boost your self esteem. If you’re out of work or retired, doing volunteering work like this can give you a sense of purpose and improve your personal wellbeing.

Most roles involve meeting new people. So if you live on your own or feel isolated, getting involved is a good way to make new friends. If you choose to join one of our panels, you’ll be welcomed by a friendly group of people who’ll help you settle in.

By working more closely with us, you’ll get to know about opportunities offered through our Worksmart employment and training programme. Getting involved now could be a stepping stone to gaining full-time work or making a career change.

Gain valuable skills and experience
Boost your confidence and wellbeing
Connect with people and make new friends
Getting involved could open other doors

Involvement opportunities you can be part of.

We’ve created a range of engagement activities for you to choose from. Have a look at the options here and take the first step to making your community a better place to live.

Check out local events in your area

Contact our Resident Engagement team

Safe Space

Together we can end domestic abuse