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Previous Scrutiny Reviews

Take a look at resident scrutiny conducted over the past seven years.

We have been through a range of changes such as reviewing our organisational structure and resident engagement operations to reflect these changes in governance.

The most recent changes are in relation to how we aim to deliver resident scrutiny. We've redesigned the offer to include Task and Finish Groups which will take 12 to 16 weeks, and Sprint Groups where scrutiny can take place over the course of two days*. We are currently calling for residents to join the Continuous Improvement Panels.   

See how you can be involved, as well as the Panel's plans for scrutiny in the future.

Scrutiny reviews conducted from 2013 to 2016 while operating as Network Stadium, under a group structure. Service Improvement Plans/Loops would have been created for all resident scrutiny to monitor and review recommendations with the respective business areas.

ASB Scrutiny Pilot Report 2013

Customer Access Scrutiny Report 2013

Customer Service Centre Scrutiny Report 2014

Estate Inspection Scrutiny Report 2014

Responsive Repairs Scrutiny Report 2014

Service Charge Scrutiny Report 2015




Resident Scrutiny conducted under new structure of Network Homes. The Panel was established in 2016 as a group function where representatives from both Herts and Outer London were joined with London's representatives until 2019. A best practice review was also conducted and presented to the Local Resident Panels with the assistance of an independent advisor.

In 2019, the Scrutiny Panel was restructured to have two scrutiny panels represent locally. Based on a resident suggestion the Scrutiny Panel was renamed the Continuous Improvement Panel.

Complaints Scrutiny Report 2016 to 2019

The Gas Safety Scrutiny Task and Finish Group initiated between September 2019 and December 2020 has not been completed. This is due to a loss of involved residents and unsuccessful ongoing recruitment to the group.


2013 to 2016
2016 to Present



*Two days for Sprint Groups won't be consecutive. This is to allow time for residents to request further documents and information which the the Resident Engagement Team will then source and share.

Safe Space

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