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It's National Scrutiny Week. Join the Continuous Improvement Panel!

31 July 2020

We’re always looking for people to be involved especially with the Continuous Improvement Panels for London and Hertford. Sign up to be involved in reviewing services we deliver.

We recently renamed the Scrutiny Panel, based on resident feedback and adopted their suggested name of Continuous Improvement Panel. This was to encourage a balanced review of services to identify improvements but also consider where some things are going well, so we can ensure we don’t change them and/or apply the business practice to other services too.

CIP's Goals

The current Panel Members set their priorities for review of different business areas for the next three years on the scrutiny calendar back in June 2019.

Have a look at the initial calendar to see the residents priority areas for review.

Sadly, we’ve been very delayed with commencing reviews due to meetings not having enough people present to follow through the projects.

We would like to restart the gas safety check review as we were unable to complete the project last winter. It’s important for reviews to have enough residents involved to share tasks evenly and hear from a variety of voices especially in areas where residents have shared experiences.

What's in it for me?

By becoming a Continuous Improvement Panel Member, you’ll be supported with an induction and opportunities for ongoing training or events. We’ll work with you to understand more of the wider resident journey to influence services and wherever possible implement recommendations.

Meetings are held quarterly and in the evenings to hopefully suit residents coming from work and with family duties.

There are two methods of scrutiny that we have to undertake reviews:

  • Sprint groups – 2 day reviews of areas with officers delivering the service and seniors to approve changes or explain challenges if we’re unable to implement a change and find a compromise.


  • Task and Finish Groups – 12 to 16 week projects for more detailed reviews of services that may need more information and process review.

At the end, the panel produce a report, which we can help with if the panel wish. This is then shared with the Senior Managers of the respective areas and the Local Resident Panels.

See more on how to get involved.


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