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What's happening at Sele Farm?

28 May 2021

Sele Farm Community Hub

On 1 June, we'll be opening a community hub in Hertford as part of the regeneration of Sele Farm for local residents to use. Sele Farm Community Hub will be a focus for consultation, but by sharing use of the premises with partner agencies, councillors, Citizens Advice, Sure Start etc, it will support numerous initiatives aimed at residents. 

The hub will also have a food bank to support the local community and provide space for a number of groups to meet such as the Active Elderly Resident Group and the sustainability project. 

The Sele Farm Neighbourhood Regeneration Plan

Sele Farm Estate is the epicentre of a lot of activity for Network and East Herts. The Sele Farm Neighbourhood Regeneration Plan has successfully passed the ballot stage and been adopted. We recently secured 100 affordable units on the new-build at Thieves Lane, and we are shaping ideas for the renewal and upgrade of our existing homes. Plans include an exemplar project demonstrating Passivhaus low carbon homes, an active elderly village, and much needed improvements to amenities. 

Sele Bicycle Week

We are supporting an Active Herts event, The ‘Sele Bicycle Week’, which runs over the half-term week 31 May – 4 June at various venues around Sele Farm. The event focuses on encouraging cycling as a healthy activity, as well as on safety, training, maintenance, and leisure uses. You will have the opportunity to test drive battery-assisted bikes, which are incredibly popular at the moment!

There will also be a demonstration of ‘Motiview’ at Sele School on Thursday (3 June) in the afternoon, a technology designed to promote fitness and activity for  older people in Care Homes.  On Tuesday 1 June at 1pm, we will be hosting the Information event and Smoothie Bike at the Community Hub. It will also be an opportunity to see the completed Sele Community Hub for the first time, which will will use to support and deliver various initiatives.


Safe Space

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