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BLOG: How I Kickstarted my career in housing

16 May 2022

By Jodean Hills, Repairs Admin Officer at Network Homes

Jodean Hills

I began my career at Network Homes as a Customer Service Trainee in October 2021 which I got as part of the Government’s Kickstart scheme. This is a programme that offered job placements for people aged 16 to 24 and has given me the confidence on the first step of my working life.

By Jodean Hills, Repairs Admin Officer at Network Homes

Prior to arriving Network, I’d been looking for a job for a while which hadn’t been easy. I returned to college to re-do my GCSE in English and got a grade 5. I was always determined. I have cerebral palsy, but I never allow it to barrier in my life. I’ve learned to love it’s part of who am but there’s much more to me.

I was so pleased to start my Kickstart placement here which from the beginning has taught me how to handle myself in the world of work. I learned about the importance of time management and how to use lots of different systems. My line manager supported with me with my CV, cover letter and setting up my LinkedIn profile. All in all, the placement gave me some new confidence and I’ve surprised myself with the abilities I have. I’ve pushed myself to learn more and grow more. In fact, I won a 2021 Young People’s Award for my resilience!

In January I was worried because I would not have a job by the end of the placement, so I started applying for lots of jobs on LinkedIn. I had many interviews but was unsuccessful, but I kept going and applying for roles. In the meantime, I did some work shadowing with my colleagues in Contact Centre.

I applied for a job within Network for an Admin Officer which I didn’t get sadly but they did allow me to shadow my colleagues within our Repairs team so I could get more experience. I worked so hard that they then offered me a six-month contract as a Repairs Admin Officer.

I’m pleased my persistence has paid off and I would encourage anyone to keep on going because you will be successful. When I was young, I always dreamed about working in an office (I didn’t know what 😊) but at the end I know that if I want it that much, I will work hard to get it.

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