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BLOG – Working hard to deliver a first-class customer service

18 September 2020


Our Customer Contact Centre is here to help you and answer your incoming queries via telephone, email, text messages or social media. We’re passionate about delivering a first-class customer service and it’s no different even during the national pandemic.

Freda Owusu, Head of Customer Contact Centre

At the start of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in March, we quickly set up our advisors to work remotely from home and they were determined to continue delivering a high, quality service. Here’s a snapshot of how we’ve performed over the last six months.

Table showing number of calls received each month from March to August 2020, % answered, customer satisfaction and first contact resolution

The table above shows a steady increase in calls and emails since the lockdown rules were relaxed and gives you an idea of how busy it’s been. The table below shows the percentage of increase or decrease, month on month:

Change in customer contact centre performance from April to July 2020

Some days are busier than other such as Monday 17 August where we already had 25 calls in the queue at 9.30am with all 27 of our advisors already on calls answering queries. The day did not slow down for them as they jumped from one call to the next determined to help as many people as they could.

This is just a small snapshot into the day of a customer service advisor. You can hear directly from one of our Team leaders, Natasha Smyth, in A day in the life series.

Feedback from residents

It’s great when we get feedback from you on how our customer service advisors have helped you. Here’s a few of the recent comments we’ve had from residents:

"Every time I have called you sorted my issue so thank you very much you." 

"Your customer service advisor was very helpful and cheerful and friendly so that was good thank you." 

"Customer service advisor Gillian was very helpful. She got the job sorted. She was very knowledgeable...She was very friendly, very helpful so well done, brilliant. Thank you very much." 

"The customer service adviser was very knowledgeable and he helped me with my query. He asked me if there was anything else I needed help with...I did and he looked into that query as well. He updated me and he helped me sort it out so I appreciate his help and his patience." 

"The call was dealt with very good and the service was very good." 

"The person I spoke to was very helpful. I've always been extremely satisfied with the service that I've received from Network and you've always been very prompt in sorting out any problems I've had." 

"I believe that the person who helped me today was a nice customer adviser helper I've ever spoken to and I wish all the best. Thank you very much." 

"Always good. Don't need to do anything to improve. You're doing well."

We’re here to do our best to help you and we’ll never stop trying to answer your calls and queries as quickly as possible. As you can see from the current performance statistics it has been really busy. If you need to call us, please try calling after 10am when it’s sometimes quieter and avoid the lunch periods. Alternatively, you can also send us an email or contact us through your My Network Homes account where you can check your rent account, pay your rent, request a repair, report anti-social behaviour and more.

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