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Ensuring your fire doors are safe

21 September 2022

We’re committed to continually and effectively managing fire doors in your building to keep you safe in your home. In line with the Fire Safety Act 2021, we are responsible for inspecting and maintaining all fire doors in buildings over 11metres. This includes the front door on all tenants’ and leaseholders’ homes. If you live in building which has fire doors, you may have noticed a small QR code at the top of your front door or on communal doors.

These have been installed on 4000 doors as part of a trial to more effectively document the condition of the fire doors in the buildings we manage. We aim to use these QR codes to log your front door and communal doors on a system where we can hold a description of the door, its location in the building, and information on its condition. We can then update this database with any changes to the condition and findings from fire door inspections. The QR code holds no information about your tenancy and the information it holds can only be viewed by Network Homes colleagues and our contractors who are responsible for inspections.

We have put these QR codes on a small percentage of the fire doors we manage as part of an ongoing trial, but we will be looking to roll out a solution to the remaining buildings above 11 metres later this year. If you have a QR code on your front door or a communal door in your building, it’s really important that you do not remove it.

The QR codes are very small (a maximum size of 3cm by 3cm). In the photo to the right (or below on mobile browsers), you can see what they look like when installed on a fire door.

As this trial pilot progresses, we will continue to keep you informed about any developments and next steps.

If you have any issues with fire doors in your home or your building, please report them to us and let us know where the door is located when you do. If you have questions about anything mentioned in this article, please contact us by emailing customerservice@networkhomes.org.uk or calling 0300 373 3000.

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