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Ensuring your home is safe for you and your family

08 December 2020

Our Compliance and M&E team have been working hard with our contractors to maintain services through the COVID-19 pandemic. In the latest lockdown, our compliance and repairs services were fully operational with all of our contractors observing the working guidance and using PPE when entering homes. Our services have been slightly affected by the pandemic and we apologise for any delays in completing works. We are proactively communicating with residents who have been affected.

Help us stay compliant

The safety of our residents is paramount which is why it is important we maintain compliance. We understand that this may be uncomfortable for some residents, so we are being flexible where possible. This includes with households where someone is self-isolating and when residents need assistance to provide us access e.g. through a next of kin or support worker. If you feel that you are unable to meet an appointment then please call us on 0300 373 3000 to let us know.

Gas checks

Our compliance statistics have remained very high throughout the last few months with only a small number of properties becoming overdue throughout the period and this month we've achieved 100% gas compliance. The high levels of compliance have been possible due to the amazing effort by our Gas Team who have pulled out all the stops and spoken to a record number of residents to discuss their personal circumstances and arrange a mutual suitable appointment. We urge you to continue providing us access to your home so we can ensure it is safe.

Electrical testing programmes

After an initial suspension of services in March,  our electrical testing programmes were back underway in June. Due to the downtime, we have a small backlog in the 2020/21 programme which we are working to recover. If we have contacted you, we will need you to provide access to your home so our contractors can check your electricity on your appointment date.  We will be as flexible as possible with appointment dates so please call 0300 373 3000 in advance of your appointment if you’d like to change it.


We’ve been working hard to continue our fire safety work and maintain 100% compliance by ensuring all our buildings have a comprehensive and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment. We also have a number of large programmes currently in place and well underway to upgrade and / or enhance fire safety precautions within our buildings.

Our Fire Safety Team have been working to ensure we address all significant findings accordingly. Our dedicated fire safety contractors, AJS, has also been working hard to ensure all the fire safety equipment is working. Don’t forget to check out our fire safety section on our website for more information on fire safety and for top tips.

Lift servicing

All of our lifts receive a monthly service visit and we are addressing any repairs we identify. We are proactively monitoring lifts that are out of service through daily reports from our contractor. There may be a delay in repairing some lifts as the pandemic has affected the delivery of replacement parts from Europe. However, we are working hard with our contractor to implement temporary measures where possible before the permanent repair.

Water hygiene

We are happy to report that we continue to achieve water hygiene compliance. We are working with our contractor to ensure that access is provided across our schemes so that this is possible.

Access and security contract

We have recently given Oakray a long-term maintenance contract for access and security which will be starting in December 2020. Oakray is a contractor that have a history of delivering excellent service for customers.




Safe Space

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