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Sign up to the review of our contract management for repairs

15 December 2020

The Continuous Improvement Panel are getting ready to do their next review in February 2021. The topic for the review is contract management of the day-to-day repairs service for London. You can get involved with this review and share you ideas to improve the service. Register your interest to take part using the online registration form by 22 January 2021.

We’re running this review as Sprint Groups, four short sessions that equal two days, with the senior managers to hear your views.

Potential discussion points may be:

  • policies, procedures and existing methods of contract management
  • how residents are impacted by the services
  • how we can adapt methods to improve the service
  • content of communication linked to repairs
  • quality assurance mechanisms
  • training for our contractors. 

You’ll be able to speak with colleagues to hear more about what they do and share your ideas to implement to improve how we work with and challenge contractors to improve services.

Register your interest

Share your ideas, meet other residents and hear more about our services by taking part in the Sprint group. Registration closes on 22 January 2021. We'll contact residents who express an interest by 29 January 2021.  

Registration form

See more about the Continuous Improvement Panel and find out how you can join the group for London or Herford and Outer London.

If you have more queries about the project contact the Resident Engagement Team.

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