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Time to make use of your outside space and get gardening

15 October 2019

It’s always a bonus when you have outside space, whether it’s a private garden, communal garden or balcony, so why not make use of it and get gardening? Network Homes resident, David Brennand from London, has done just that and shares a few of his gardening tips to help you with your garden.

David has been interested in gardening for many years, since he was a teenager helping his mother in their garden. She taught him a lot about how to start and maintain a garden and from then on, he just continued to learn additional skills along the way.

David will spend, on average, around four to five hours a day gardening and says, “It’s good for your wellbeing. It relaxes you and there’s nothing better than to see your garden flourish and grow.” In the two years he’s been in his current home, David has treated all the wood fencing so it lasts longer, pressure washed the patio and treated it with mould remover. He’s also put up trellises for plants to grow up and added hanging baskets with flowers to make the garden look more colourful.

To help other people get into gardening, David is keen to set up gardening workshops locally and share his knowledge on how you can garden on a budget. Until then, check out his handy gardening tips.

David’s gardening top tips

  • Feed the soil to keep your plants growing.
  • Keep the frost away as they will kill your plants.
  • Mid November is the best time to buy as many plants, especially tree scrubs will be reduced in price by almost 50%.
  • Heather keeps the flies away - If you have a problem with flies in garden, plant Heather as flies do not like the smell of it.
  • Water hanging baskets once every day - when plants are in the air they dry out quicker.
  • Spray your roses with a solution of washing up liquid & water to prevent green or black flies getting to them.

 David's garden creations


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