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Fire sprinklers annual inspections

27 September 2019

At Network Homes we take fire safety seriously, which is why we carry out fire sprinkler inspections every year to ensure your home is safe.

Fire sprinkler systems often serve as the first line of defence against smoke and fires, giving people more time to safely escape any imminent danger. A sprinklers system is designed to spray out water to stop and prevent fires from spreading, while the Fire and Rescue service are on route. They’re activated by heat not smoke and therefore only spray water when a real fire occurs. A well maintained and regularly inspected fire sprinkler could save your life and your home.

The inspections will be on a rolling basis and our contractors will contact you by telephone or letter to set up an appointment. They will have identification to confirm who they are when they visit to carry out the inspection.

Legally, your sprinkler system must have a pressure test and a visual inspection once a year. To find out more about this visit the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA) website.

We aim to work with you to make the inspections as easy and efficient as possible. Please note in accordance to your tenancy agreement or lease, you are required to provide access to our approved contractors to undertake this inspection and service. As testing fire sprinklers is crucial to ensure safety, we may take legal action to gain entry if you fail to provide access.

For more information on fire safety, see the section on our website about fire safety.

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